Capacity Building

Goal: To develop the region’s ability to plan for prosperity.

  • Support feasibility studies that identify opportunities to expand local capacity and resources for economic growth and vitality.
  • Develop a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for the region.
  • Develop and foster economic development partnerships with other organizations and businesses.


Goal: To increase the availability, skill level, and productivity of the region’s workforce.

  • Identify locations and industries experiencing workforce shortages and needs.
  • Work with Workforce Development Council, Work Source, the local Manufacturers Association, and other agencies to ensure an adequate labor force exists throughout the District.
  • Partner with educational institutions (K-20) to increase the skill sets of the workforce and to ensure students become fully aware of local job availability.


Goal: To increase availability of housing options for the region’s residents.

  • Support and encourage affordable housing throughout the region.
  • Encourage the development of adequate assisted living and retirement facilities.
  • Ensure affordable workforce housing is readily available in areas convenient to employment opportunities.

Community Development & Infrastructure

Goals: To encourage development, maintenance, and operations of facilities, utilities, and services necessary to support economic development.

  • Work to increase the availability of zoned serviced industrial land.
  • Facilitate the development of vibrant downtowns.
  • Support, facilitate, and promote adequate funding for improved and expanded telecommunication, water and sewer systems, and the availability of other utilities.
  • Ensure transportation modes including air, rail, river, roads, and public transportation are preserved, maintained, and improved.

Business Development

Goal: To enhance economic vitality through recruitment, start-up, retention, and expansion of business ventures.

  • Facilitate establishment of private business ventures in the region.
  • Market the business attributes of the region.
  • Promote the growth and sustainability of existing businesses within the region through identifying and addressing business needs.


Goal: To foster the development of visitor trade throughout the region.

  • Support impact studies and feasibility studies related to tourism and increased visitor revenues.
  • Support improvements and creation of appropriate tourism facilities and community tourism partnerships.
  • Support efforts to increase the capacity to maximize visitor’s length of stay.


Mission Statement

The Mission of the SouthEast Washington Economic Development Association is to promote economic vitality by creating and retaining jobs through business, tourism, and community development while preserving the culture and environment of the region.

Vision Statement

Drawing on the rich heritage and natural resources of the region, the SouthEast Washington Economic Development Association is committed to enhancing economic vitality and an unparalleled quality of life through partnerships with business, civic interests, and government for the benefit of the residents of Asotin, Columbia, Garfield, and Whitman Counties.

The SouthEast Washington Economic Development Association (SEWEDA) was established as a 501(c) 3 in 1985. The organization covers the four southeastern Washington counties of Asotin, Columbia, Garfield and Whitman. A Board of Directors, made up of representatives of each of the four counties, sets policy and the overall direction of SEWEDA. Staff reside and operate within each of the four counties.

In 1991, SEWEDA took on the role of the Palouse Regional Transportation Planning Organization (PRTPO) for the four counties. The PRTPO has both a Policy Board of Directors and a Technical Advisory Committee each having representation from all four counties.


Asotin County

Chad Miltenberger, Dean WWCC, Clarkston

Brian Shinn, Secretary,Asotin County Commissioner

Darrin Eberhardt, Wells Fargo Bank

Monika Lawrence, Mayor,City of Clarkston

Columbia County

Craig George, Mayor, City of Dayton

Norm Passmore, Columbia County Commissioner

Scott Peters, Columbia REA

Garfield County

Justin Dixon Vice-President,Garfield County Commissioner

Tara Hodges, Chamber/Obenlaw Insurance

Whitman County

Dean Kinzer, President,Whitman County Commissioner

Fritz Hughes,Pullman City Council

Alexa Makhani,WSU Foundation


Wanda Keefer,Manager, Port of Clarkston

Jennie Dickinson,Manager, Port of Columbia

Diana Ruchert/Larry Scoggins, Port of Garfield

Tom Kammerzell, Commissioner, Port of Whitman


Dawn Smith
Director/Asotin County

Jack Peasley
Managing Director,
Garfield County

Sarah McKnight
Managing Director
Whitman County