Follow the fast track to Columbia County and you’ll find out eastern Washington’s economic engine is humming along. Dayton, the county seat, is all about connections: railroads, highways, rivers, telecommunications and people.

The Snake River, our northern border, connects Columbia County with the world via barge access to ports along the Columbia River and in Portland; highway 12 connects trucking companies with major transportation routes such as Interstates 82 and 84; Blue Mountain Railroad connects Dayton with the hump yards of two major railroads; high speed internet connects our citizens with world-wide commuting possibilities; and the Blue Mountains, our southern border, connects people in our region with fantastic outdoor recreation opportunities right in our backyard.

Most of all, the spirit of the people in our community can connect your business with success. Make your connection with Columbia County and find out how much we have to offer.



Walla Walla Regional Airport, 28 miles southwest of Dayton. Small airstrips near town.

Major Highways

U.S. Highway 12 runs through Dayton and connects to U.S. Highways 395 and 730 and Interstates 82 and 84.

Motor Freight

Daily UPS and FedEX service. Numerous trucking companies.

Rail Freight

Blue Mountain Railroad connects with Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroads.

Bus Service

Community-wide services provided by Columbia County Transportation.


High Speed Internet Access*




*Every home or business in Columbia County has access to high speed internet service.


Blue Mountain News – published monthly

Dayton Chronicle – published weekly

Walla Walla Union Bulletin – published daily

Safety Services

Police Services

Columbia County provides contractual police services for the City of Dayton and the town of Starbuck, and offers enhanced 911 service county-wide.

Fire Department

Columbia County Fire District 3 serves Dayton, Starbuck, and all rural areas as a volunteer department.


Dayton General Hospital

Urgent Care, emergency and hospital services with 15 hospital beds and 46 nursing home beds.

Family Practice Clinics

Two clinics with 3 family practitioners, 3 physician’s assistants and 1 ARNP.