The WSU CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES is offering local business the opportunity to work with senior students in the Small Business Policy course. It’s free! 

Sponsored by The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Washington State University under the guidance of Professor Joe Harris.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this project is to better our community by helping local businesses be successful as well as to provide valuable learning experiences for WSU seniors majoring in business.

We hope that clients will benefit from this activity in number of ways: 

  • By having an objective analysis,
  • By having valuable information from extensive research, and
  • By having new ideas for solving problems and exploring opportunities.


Strategic Business Analysis Project is a part of Small Business Policy course, offered at Washington State University.

Senior students, enrolled in this course, form consulting teams that work with local clients to evaluate their businesses. They complete an analysis of the specific business and its environment, define problems and opportunities, research and suggest problem solving alternatives, and offer recommendations.

The completed project is provided to the client in the form of a final written report.


In the past, Strategic Business Analysis Projects provided assistance to businesses in all range of industries, in such areas as:

  • Strategic Management and Planning,
  • Accounting and MIS,
  • Production / Operations,
  • Marketing,
  • Finance, and
  • Personnel

Some examples of projects include:

  • Assistance in human resources,
  • Quality control,
  • Assessing target market,
  • Creating marketing plans,
  • Researching funding sources,
  • Finding store locations, and
  • Strategic growth planning.


Business participants must agree to meet with students several times during the course of the semester.

They also must agree to provide the information, including financial information, necessary for students to accurately assess the business.

All of the information provided to students by a client is kept in strict confidence as each student is required to sign and abide by a confidentiality agreement.
THE CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES was founded in 1995, and it is part of College of Business and Economics at Washington State University.
Mission: The WSU Center for Entrepreneurial Studies is designed to provide education and training in the critical skills essential for business creation and innovation.
Included in the mission is the desire to promote research directed toward the understanding of these processes and to develop practical solutions to the management problems of small and medium sized businesses.

It is intended to build the human resources necessary to stimulate, develop, and promote a climate for accelerated business development and expansion in the Washington State region.

For more information, contact:
Joe Harris, Center For Entrepreneurial Studies
College of Business and Economics, Washington State University
PO Box 644851, Pullman, WA 99164-4851
PHONE 509.335.5051, FAX 509.335.2182